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All the King's Men - an FTM community
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This is a community for female-to-male transsexuals/transgenders/transanything really, their SOs, or people just interested in becoming educated.

This community is currently under construction, so hang in there! In the meantime, please check out these links, they may prove helpful to you!

A great live chat that has such wonderful support! If you EVER need any help whatsoever, please contact any of the mods, they are simply amazing! I love them much. They are my new family, and I hope you will join us! The chat is for TS/TG/TV/CD/SOs, ect. NO admirers allowed. It is an all ages chat.
Lauras Playground

TGGuide.com has provided me with such help and educated me much more than any other site I have found. The forum is especially resourceful!

The Transgender Guide

FTMi.org is a good website full of resources and links of how to pass, what products to buy, although I found it a bit difficult to navigate at times.


Recommended Reading:

The Phallus Palace - Dean Kotula
True Selves : Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals - Mildred L. Brown, Chloe Ann Rounsley
She's Not There : A Life in Two Genders - Jennifer Finney Boylan

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If anyone else would like to contribute anything to the site so it looks nice, let me know. Credit will always be given. ^_^