Michael (ftmichael) wrote in atkm,

The original FTM Campout, Massachusetts style!

Raven Kaldera has set the dates for the FTM campout. It will be held 14-16 July at Cauldron Farm, in mid-MA. ( http://www.cauldronfarm.com/ ) Cauldron Farm is an organic working farm, which also has a lot of campsites in the woods arranged around a large field. Accessible to public transportation, with arrangement for pickup from the train station. Site is rustic, and not wheelchair accessible.

According to Raven at last year's campout, people under 18 are welcome, but must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian indicating that the parent/guardian knows where you are and is okay with that. (As annoying as this is, it is VERY IMPORTANT for reasons of legal liability. The campout is on private property and if your parents don't know where you are, Raven could get into legal trouble.) Contact Raven through the website if you have questions or for more info on what such a letter should have in it.

Inexpensive -- has been $15 in past years, with volunteer labour exchange arrangements for those who cannot pay that.

FTM-only -- of whatever embodiment, no gender policing.

Some workshops -- being arranged - got an idea for one? a desire for something you have always wanted to learn about?

Lots of free time -- make new friends, go swimming at the local pond (a crowd of Trans guys means no one will notice scars, or rash guard shirts, or whathaveyou) ... hang out in the woods, take time to design a transition ritual...or just sit around the campfire.

Great for new guys, and also great for long-term and/or stealth guys.

For a list of suggested things to bring, see http://tommytesto.livejournal.com/2682.html
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