Trying to figure life out... (jacob22eku) wrote in atkm,
Trying to figure life out...

Jake lives

Hey all
I havent been on in awhile because I have been busy with summer school and work. I moved in to my dorm room yesterday and I already feel the stress from my house leaving. At school I am called Jake by most of my friends and my partner tries to call me Jake which helps. I went to Walmart and tried to find me some pants and I dread the dressing room because people look at me when I go to the womans. I was ready to be issued a woman dressing room when I went up to the desk but the lady instead gave me a guy dressing room. I couldnt believe it because I did not have my binder on or anything but the shirt I had on makes my chest look great. So the lady made my day by addressing me as sir and treating me like a man.
I do have a question though... I heard from a friend that if I was to take the protein powder that women bodybuilders take that their is testerone (kt spell) in it. Has anyone heard of this method? Or used it? I have thought about it but I am going to do more research before I take something that might hurt me... Well that is all I really know right now... Hope everything is well with everyone
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