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life [25 Sep 2006|07:34pm]
Well whats up guys? sorry its been so long since i have posted been busy with school and work... I just need to vent so if your not in the mood to hear someone vent then skip thru my entry cause Jake is going to vent... I started a new job at Steak n Shake and its cool because I worked at one in Ohio where I am from so all I had to do was transfer... The people there are ok I am a production trainer which means that I train the new employees and basically make sure the shift runs smooth. They know me as Lauren the lesbian which was ok at first but now its trully starting to get to me. The name tag I have says Lauren and I was so proud of my accomplishment because I received a raise and more responsibilities. But everytime I see that name it feels as though I have been stabbed in the chest. I am not sure if my name will be Jacob but anything is better than Lauren. The crew I work with does not have a problem with me being a lesbian but I am afraid to tell them about me being Jacob. They are not close minded people but not the most liberal either one manager in particular likes to challenge me because I think he feels threatened about me being so "butch". Like no "woman" should be more masculine than him or some stupid crap like that.
It just feels that everyday its harder and harder to live as Lauren and I wonder if things will ever be how they are supposed to be... I think my depression is back because I am down in the dumps 24-7, lost all interest in everything that at one time I held close to my heart, I am tired even though I get over 8 hours of sleep, feel as though I am constantly hungry right after i just ate a big meal.
I just wonder when this hell will end because I dont know how much more I can take before I go crazy. I vent to my girlfriend as much as I can and she does her best to understand me but their is only so much she understand without being in my shoes. Well I feel better now that I have cleared my head... if anyone wants to respond to my entry feel free...

Jake lives [20 Aug 2006|05:31pm]
Hey all
I havent been on in awhile because I have been busy with summer school and work. I moved in to my dorm room yesterday and I already feel the stress from my house leaving. At school I am called Jake by most of my friends and my partner tries to call me Jake which helps. I went to Walmart and tried to find me some pants and I dread the dressing room because people look at me when I go to the womans. I was ready to be issued a woman dressing room when I went up to the desk but the lady instead gave me a guy dressing room. I couldnt believe it because I did not have my binder on or anything but the shirt I had on makes my chest look great. So the lady made my day by addressing me as sir and treating me like a man.
I do have a question though... I heard from a friend that if I was to take the protein powder that women bodybuilders take that their is testerone (kt spell) in it. Has anyone heard of this method? Or used it? I have thought about it but I am going to do more research before I take something that might hurt me... Well that is all I really know right now... Hope everything is well with everyone
we are men

Simple survey - please fill out and help! [26 May 2006|08:33am]

Please forward as widely as possible!

'The next twelve months are going to be the most challenging time in the history of the International Foundation for Gender Education,' declared Yvonne Cook-Riley, newly elected Chair of IFGE, as she addressed hundreds of people gathered at IFGE's 20th Conference.

'Over the last twenty years our community has evolved, and our community urgently needs IFGE to evolve to meet their needs,' said Cook-Riley. 'Effective immediately, this board has a mandate to effect an immediate change of direction and to refocus on our mission to serve the entire Transgender community ...'

(07 April 2006, Philadelphia, PA)

Dear Friends and Members,
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An ambitious program to accomplish in the next twelve months? You bet!

Here is how IFGE is going to do it:
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Here is how you can participate in effecting change:

* Complete the online survey, available on the website at http://www.ifge.org/survey/
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The time for action is NOW. The need is immediate. You, as members and friends of IFGE and the Transgender community, can effect and influence change by making your contribution and joining our team today.


Denise Leclair

The original FTM Campout, Massachusetts style! [14 May 2006|03:49pm]

Raven Kaldera has set the dates for the FTM campout. It will be held 14-16 July at Cauldron Farm, in mid-MA. ( http://www.cauldronfarm.com/ ) Cauldron Farm is an organic working farm, which also has a lot of campsites in the woods arranged around a large field. Accessible to public transportation, with arrangement for pickup from the train station. Site is rustic, and not wheelchair accessible.

According to Raven at last year's campout, people under 18 are welcome, but must bring a signed note from a parent or guardian indicating that the parent/guardian knows where you are and is okay with that. (As annoying as this is, it is VERY IMPORTANT for reasons of legal liability. The campout is on private property and if your parents don't know where you are, Raven could get into legal trouble.) Contact Raven through the website if you have questions or for more info on what such a letter should have in it.

Inexpensive -- has been $15 in past years, with volunteer labour exchange arrangements for those who cannot pay that.

FTM-only -- of whatever embodiment, no gender policing.

Some workshops -- being arranged - got an idea for one? a desire for something you have always wanted to learn about?

Lots of free time -- make new friends, go swimming at the local pond (a crowd of Trans guys means no one will notice scars, or rash guard shirts, or whathaveyou) ... hang out in the woods, take time to design a transition ritual...or just sit around the campfire.

Great for new guys, and also great for long-term and/or stealth guys.

For a list of suggested things to bring, see http://tommytesto.livejournal.com/2682.html

Documentary [30 Mar 2006|12:37am]
[ mood | excited ]

What’s up guys? It has been awhile since I have last posted and I have come across a documentary and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or seen it. I want to see it but I was hoping to get second opinion on it.
Director Kate Davis calls the documentary Southern Comfort. Kate Davis' digitally shot documentary chronicles the last year in the life of Robert Eads, a female-to-male transsexual dying of terminal ovarian cancer in the backwoods of rural Georgia. I heard from a friend that this is a great documentary... Here is the link that I found for the documentary for anyone who is interested in reading more about it...
Thanks guys


Underworks [27 Feb 2006|12:55pm]
I have heard so many good things about Underworks that I went out and bought myself a binder finally... Well I got it on Friday and it was too small so I was disappointed but I knew I could send it back...I sent it out today with everything that is required... packaging, statement... has anyone had problems when returning an item? My concern is that they will not send me the new size and try to say that they never got the old one to replace it and then I am out a good amount of money... I copied the old statement and got package confirmation but I am still worried...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
we are men

Frustration [28 Jan 2006|05:39pm]

My voice dropped for the 2nd time last night, but I am frustrated because everytime it drops it seems to go back up a little and I can't tell if it has changed at all. I have an appointment with the doc on the 1st and want to be upped to 1cc every 2 weeks, I am currently on 1/2cc every two weeks. Does anyone know the difference between the 10mg/200ml and the 10mg/100ml kinds of injectable testosterone cypionate?

;) Gabe
we are men

New FTM-Indiana Yahoo group formed! [23 Jan 2006|11:25am]

For those of you who live in the state of Indiana and who would like to network with people there, check out this new Yahoo group!


Pictures [19 Jan 2006|04:04am]

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we are men

My intro you silly silly goose. XD [13 Jan 2006|10:49pm]

Hello Hello everyone!

I'm Akira and I'm 15. I'm FTM o' course =D. I'll probably be starting T the first year of college atleast that's what I'm shooting for. Oh yeah and I'm also a vamp. Oh yes..a vamp...so WATCH YOUR NECKS! MUAHAHHAHHA -Evil Grin- >=). But anyway I go to SHS it's a really messed up school with ho-ey people everywhere. I really could care less about the people there because they're all idiots. YAY!11!

My interests are ftm things, anime, manga, vampires, sleeping, watching t.v., computers, programming, square enix, GATORADE!11!1, and wolves.

I <3 ye wolfie. =D
we are men

Meep [13 Jan 2006|11:50am]


Uhm I'm Michelle. I'm not FTM or anything, just a friend of Yoshi looking to know more. And since being his friend, I have learned more. Lets see.

I like Pc and Console gaming of all types, especially Blizzard games. I like Crocheting, music (Industrial/techno) uhm cooking, archery, shooting, ANIME, tattoos, peircings, reading, the wheel of time, and uhhhhh learning. so. yeah. I'm weird, and random, but it makes life fun.

There was no GSA or anything at my high school, probably because I'm too far south, but my friends and I tried to make one, and got rejected several times. I got in a screaming matching defending a gay friend of mine during school. uhm. I was a member of the GSA at Quincy though....

Yup. Thats all!

we are men

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